Installing SonicWeb without the Mac App Store

Switching from the Mac App Store version to the homepage version is easy and of course free of charge. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact at any time.

Step 1: Install the latest version of SonicWeb from the Mac App Store

Launch the Mac App Store app, click into the search field and enter “sonicweb”. The search result should be SonicWeb.

SonicWeb in the Mac App Store 

If the button besides the app is not labeled “Open” but “Install” or “Update” please install or update SonicWeb first by clicking on the button.

Step 2: Launch the Mac App Store version

Click the “Open” button to start SonicWeb.

To successfully make the switch from the Mac App Store version to the Homepage version, the version number displayed in the “About SonicWeb” dialog should be 2.4 or higher:

About SonicWeb with a version number greater than 2.4 

Step 3: Close the Mac App Store version again

The easiest way to exit SonicWeb is to use the Command-Q keyboard shortcut. The SonicWeb icon should then disappear from the menu and dock. If the icon is still visible in the Dock, it should no longer display “.” below the icon.

If a “.” is still displayed below the icon please click it with the right mouse button and select “Quit”.

Quit SonicWeb 

Step 4: Install SonicWeb from the SonicWeb Homepage

Download SonicWeb for Mac from the SonicWeb homepage, start the installation with a double click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions of the installation program.

After the successful installation two SonicWeb applications should be displayed in the Applications folder of the Finder:

SonicWeb aus dem Mac App Store und von der SonicWeb Homepage 

"SonicWeb Internet Radio Player" is the Mac App Store version, "SonicWeb" is the homepage version.

Step 5: Start the homepage version and migrate the recordings and settings from the Mac App Store version

Start the homepage version by double clicking on “SonicWeb”.

SonicWeb recognizes that the Mac App Store version is already installed and offers to take over its recordings and settings.

The “App Store installation detected” dialog box 

To transfer the existing recordings and settings from the App Store version click on “Move recordings and settings”.

By clicking “Not now” you can skip this step. SonicWeb will offer you the possibility to move the recordings and settings again at the next start.

By clicking on “Don’t ask anymore” you can skip the migration for good. SonicWeb will not ask again even after a restart.

In order to perform the transfer, SonicWeb needs access to the installation and media folder of the App Store version as well as to the target media folder in which the recordings should be moved. Please allow access to the required folders by first clicking on “Allow access” and then confirming again with “Allow access” in the folder selection dialog that appears.

The “Move recordings and settings” dialog box 

If all requirements are met, you can start the transfer by clicking on “Move recordings and settings”.

The “Move recordings and settings” dialog with all access rights 

Depending on the number of tracks to be transferred, the transfer may take some time.

Step 6: Request a personal license

If the homepage version of SonicWeb recognizes that the Mac App Store version has already been purchased, the “Welcome Dialog” offers the possibility to request a free personal license. The license turns the trial version from the homepage into a full version with no time limit and all functions, including the track export.

Request a personal license on the welcome screen 

Click on “Request free license”. A form will appear in which you have to enter your full name and your e-mail address. The license will be issued to the given name and sent to the given e-mail address.

The request license form 

To finish, please click on “Request license”.

The e-mail with your personal license should arrive in your inbox within a few minutes. If this is not the case, please check the spam or junk e-mail folder in your e-mail program as well as your inbox.

If you can’t find an e-mail in your inbox or junk e-mail folder even after a while, you can have the license information sent to you again. To do this restart SonicWeb, click on “Request license for free” in the welcome dialog and click on “Resend license” in the “Request license” form.

The “Request license again” dialog 

If it still doesn’t work please write to and we will send you your personal license directly.

Step 7: Activate your personal license

Once the email has arrived you can activate your license. Restart SonicWeb and click on “Enter license” on the welcome screen.

Copy the name and the license key from the e-mail into the respective form fields and click on “Activate license”.

The “Activate license” dialog 

Now the SonicWeb Homepage version is a full version of SonicWeb.

For future installations you can directly use the license information from the e-mail. You don’t need to request any more personal licenses.

Step 8: Uninstall the version of SonicWeb from the Mac App Store

If you have moved the recordings from the Mac App Store version to the homepage version, the Mac App Store version is no longer needed and can be uninstalled.

To do this open the launchpad and search for the app named “SonicWeb Internet Radio Player”.

“SonicWeb Internet Radio Player” in the Launchpad 

Click and hold the SonicWeb Internet Radio Player App icon with the left mouse button until it starts moving back and forth and a small x icon appears at the icon. Click the x of “SonicWeb Internet Radio Player” to uninstall the Mac App Store version of SonicWeb.


SonicWeb from the homepage is now installed and the recordings and settings from the Mac App Store version are migrated. The personal license has unlocked all functions including the track export.

Enjoy :-)