The track action menu

The track action menu is shown when you right click selected tracks in the details panel or when you click the track action button of an item in the now playing track list.

"Play next" adds the selected tracks to the currently playing track list, directly after the currently playing song.

"Append to now playing" adds the selected tracks to the end of the currently playing track list.

"Pin" pins the selected tracks to the track list. Pinned tracks will never be automatically removed from the track lists of internet radio stations or station lists.

"Append to playlist..." adds the selected tracks to an existing or new playlist. Click this track action to show the available playlists:

Then select the playlist to add. If you want to create a new playlist for the selected tracks click "New Playlist...":

Enter a name and click "New Playlist". The selected tracks will be added to the new playlist.

"Remove from playlist" removes the selected tracks from the track list. If a track is no longer part of any track list it will be removed permanently and the corresponding file will be removed from the hard drive.

"Edit track infos" shows the track info dialog were the title, artist, album name and comments of one ore more tracks can be manually changed:

If the artist, title or album name has been changed, SonicWeb will try to find new album art images with the new information after clicking OK.

"Trim track" opens the trim dialog where you can manually adjust the begin and end of a recording. See the "Trimming tracks" section of the manual for a description of the trim dialog.

"Export Tracks" shows a dialog where you can export the selected tracks to iTunes and into folders for use with any player. See the "Exporting tracks" section of this manuals for details about the track export dialog.

Use "Buy on iTunes" to open iTunes were you can buy the track.

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