Clicking "Playlists" in the top toolbar will show a list of all your custom playlists.

Click a list entry to show the playlist in the details panel where you can activate it.

Click the "New Playlist..." button to create a new playlist.

In the "New Playlist..." dialog enter the name of your new playlist. After you click "OK" the new playlist will be shown in the details panel:

Use the toolbar to the right of the playlist name to start or stop the playlist, make it a favorite or unfavorite it, export all tracks of the playlist to iTunes or into a folder or delete the playlist it.

To change the playlist name click into it, change the name in the appearing textbox and press enter.

You can add tracks to the playlist using drag and drop from the now playing track list to the right or by using the "Add To Playlist" entry in the track action menu.

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