Main menu and toolbar

Main Menu

The main menu provides quick access to the most of SonicWeb's dialogs and commands. It also shows the available keyboard shortcuts.

"About SonicWeb Internet Radio Player" shows the about dialog that is described below.

"Settings" opens the settings dialog that is described in detail in the "Settings" section of this manual.

"Sleep Timer" opens the sleep timer dialog were you can set a sleep timer to slowly lower the volume and deactivate audio playback.

"Give Feedback" opens the feedback dialog that is described below.

"Suggest Radio" opens the suggest radio dialog that is described below.

"Quit SonicWeb Internet Radio Player" quits the application completely.

"New/Station List" allows you to create a new station list. It opens the new station list dialog that is described in the station lists section of this manual.

"New/Playlist" allows you to create a new custom playlist. It opens the new playlist dialog that is described in the playlists section of this manual.

The controls menu allows you to control audio playback.

"Pause" pauses audio playback. Recording will continue. There will be no gaps in the recorded tracks.

"Next" skips to the next track in the currently playing track list.

"Previous" skips to the previous playing track in the currently playing track list.

"Show current track" will scroll the currently playing track list to the currently playing track.

"Increase volume" increases audio playback volume.

"Decrease volume" decreases audio playback volume.

Clicking SonicWeb Internet Radio Player Help will open a web browser showing this manual.


The toolbar buttons at the top right of the SonicWeb main window are from left to right "Suggest Radio Station", "Give Feedback", "Sleep Timer", "Settings" and "About".

Suggest Radio Station

Using this dialog you can suggest radio stations you want me to add to the SonicWeb radio station database. I will check if the station works in general, has good audio quality and sends metadata about the currently playing artist and title. If it fullfils these requirements I'll add the radio. Make sure to provide at least the radio name, homepage and your email address so I can notify you after the radio has been added.

Give Feedback

Sometimes things don't work as expected and you want to report an error. Or you have a question about SonicWeb. Or you have suggestions for new features you would like to see in SonicWeb. You may want to send praise or critique. For this you can use the "Give Feedback" dialog. I would love to hear from you! Of course you can also send e-mail to or use Twitter to get in touch with me.

Sleep Timer

Choose a time between 60 minutes and 15 minutes after which audio playback should be stop. During the last minute of the sleep timer SonicWeb will slowly reduce the volume of audio playback to zero. Choose "Off" to turn off the sleep timer.


The "Settings" dialog. Using the "Settings" dialog you can fine tune the behavior of SonicWeb. The settings than can be changed are described in detail in the Settings section of the manual.


The "About" dialog shows the installed version of SonicWeb, gives access to this manual and to licensing information about the open source components SonicWeb is using.