Exporting tracks

Recorded tracks can be exported to iTunes and as regular files into folders. Select one or more tracks in a track list, right click and select "Export tracks" to show the "Export Tracks" dialog:

The track export dialog

Check the iTunes Checkbox to export the selected tracks to iTunes. The Textbox below sets the playlist name were the tracks can be found in iTunes after the export.

Check "Folder" to export into a folder. Use the "Change" button to select a different export folder. Click the "Open" button to open the current export folder.

The drop down list "Filename" allows you to select the file name template that will be used to name files when exporting tracks.

Check "Add ID3 Tag to File" to add an ID3 tag with the title, artist and album name to the exported file.

Check "Add Album Cover to ID3 Tag" to additionally add the album art to the export files if available.

Click the "Export" button to export the tracks using the defined settings.