The SonicWeb window has a main menu and is separated into the toolbar along the top, the details panel in the middle and the now playing panel on the right.

Screenshot of SonicWeb while browsing the available radio stations

The main menu provides access to many commands and dialogs of SonicWeb. All menu items have keyboard shortcuts for quick access.

The toolbar links at the top middle give access to all the stations and playlists that can be played with SonicWeb. From left to right they are your favorite stations and playlists, the stations and playlists that have been recently played, all available radio stations, all available station lists and your custom playlists.

The toolbar buttons on the top right give access to a few global dialogs. From left to right the dialogs are the "Suggest Radio" dialog, the "Give Feedback" dialog, the "Sleep Timer" dialog, the "Settings" dialog and the "About" dialog.

The main area is showing the details panel which can display different kinds of screens, depending on what has been selected by the user. It can show radio stations, playlists and station list details including their recorded tracks. Or it can be used to browse the available station lists and radio stations (as seen in the screenshot above).

When you activate an internet radio station, station list or playlist the right hand side will show the now playing panel. The upper part shows the transport bar were you can control audio playback. The lower part shows the tracks of the currently activated internet radio, station list or playlist.

Depending on you settings SonicWeb will display an icon in the menubar that gives access to a miniplayer.

If the menubar icon has been activated in the settings, closing the main window will not quit the application. SonicWeb will continue to run in the background instead. If you want to quit SonicWeb you can use the cross icon at the top left of the miniplayer, by using the menu "Quit SonicWeb" menu entry or by using the Command-Q keyboard shortcut.

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