SonicWeb for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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SonicWeb is an advanced internet radio player and recorder.

Discover new music

With SonicWeb you can choose from more than two thousand thousand free, hand selected, high quality internet radio stations. The radio station database contains only stations that play music in high audio quality. If you are missing a radio station you can add it yourself or let me know and I will add it quickly.

A fully featured internet radio player

SonicWeb contains all features you would expect from an internet radio player. Browse popular and recommended stations, filter by genre and bitrate, search by name and genre and set favorites.

A powerful internet radio recorder: Timeshift, record and split streams

Record internet radios continuously or record multiple stations simultaneously and let SonicWeb split the recorded streams automatically into tracks. Timeshift internet radio: while recording pause and resume playback at any time, without any gaps.

Create custom playlists

You can create custom playlists from the tracks you like. Keep them as long as you want and play them as many times as you like.

Trim & Export recordings

Fine tune the start and end of tracks if needed before you export them using any app that supports the iOS share sheet like Dropbox, Weafo or Transmit for iOS.

Unique to SonicWeb: The powerful station list feature

A station list can contain up to 10 internet radio stations. If a station list is turned on SonicWeb will start recording the contained radio stations simultaneously, automatically split the streams into tracks and add them to a combined playlist. Station lists behave exactly the same as regular internet radio stations except that their playlist will contain a mix of songs from the internet radio stations that are part of the station list. You can define as many station lists as you like and switch between them and regular radio stations at any time.

With several simultaneously turned on radio stations the playlist will quickly contain many unplayed tracks. This enables you to skip tracks you don't like without any skip limit as long as there are more tracks available in the playlist.

Audio playback is gapless with tracks from different radios stations crossfading into each other. SonicWeb dynamically adjusts the volume of loud and silent tracks so that you don't have to.

Together these features create your own personal radio station: seamless playback of diverse playlists with ever changing tracks that you can control just like a regular media player.

Unique to SonicWeb: Listen online or offline

Never worry about a reliable internet connection or your data plan again. Offline listening is perfect for areas with a spotty internet connection. SonicWeb monitors if a WiFi internet connection is available and automatically pauses and resumes streaming and recording. This happens completely transparent without interfering with your listening experience. You can simply continue to listen offline as long as there are more songs available in your playlist. After a WiFi internet connection becomes available again SonicWeb will resume streaming and will continue to fill your playlist with new tracks.

 SonicWeb combines the functionality of an internet radio player and recorder in a powerful, unique way. With SonicWeb you can listen to internet radio like never before.

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