Update: What's new in SonicWeb 1.6

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After SonicWeb's recent small success I received a lot of constructive feedback how to make SonicWeb easier to use. With this update I tried to implement this advice in SonicWeb. Additionally there are a some bugfixes and a few new features.


Playback control on the lock screen and through headsets did not always work. This is fixed now.

After removing headphones audio playback continued through the builtin speakers. Playback will pause now if headphones are removed.

New features

Accessibility through Voice Over support. Many thanks go to MinaP for making sure that every single ui element in SonicWeb is accessible for people with disabilities.

The length of songs is now shown in the playlist and now playing screen.

It is now possible to search the playlist for songs by keywords.

The option "Show Status Bar" allows to display the iPhone status bar at the top of every screen.

Other Improvements:

  • The app has been translated to german.
  • Give access to a users favorite radio list in the add radio dialog of a personal radio.
  • Enable deletion of regular radios from the Favorite Radios and Recently Played screens.
  • Additionally show the bitrate of radios in the radio list of a personal radio.
  • Added a link to the SonicWeb manual and a credits screen to settings.

Usability enhancements

After a restart of SonicWeb the last played radio and its playlist is automatically reloaded now. The last played song will be set as the active song and audio playback will be paused. After startup SonicWeb will show the now playing screen. Audio playback can now easily be resumed with the radio and song that was playing when SonicWeb was stopped by tapping the Play button.

If there is no radio active it is now no longer possible to switch to the playlist and now playing screen. These screens can only be used meaningful with an active radio.

No longer automatically switch to the slideshow screen after some time without user activity. The slideshow screen can still be activated manually by tapping the slideshow button at the bottom right of the screen.

A new radio status button has been added to the top right of the now playing and playlist screen. The radio status button indicates if the active radio is currently streaming, if streaming is paused or disabled and also if no WiFi connection or not enough storage space is available.

Radios can now be turned off were they were turned on. The play button of a personal radio will become a stop button after it has been tapped. Active regular internet radios can be stopped by tapping them again.

Show the top level radio navigation screen if no radio was ever active on the iPhone. No longer automatically drill into the popular radio screen.

SonicWeb only streams radios and records songs if a Wifi network is available. If a radio is turned on while no Wifi network is available a warning message will now be shown. No Wifi connection is needed to listen to already recorded songs.