SonicWeb still the top music app in the german mac app store

For a full week SonicWeb is the number one music app in the German Mac App Store now. I think this is a tremendous success and I want to thank everybody involved. Especially all my beta testers who made sure that SonicWeb for Mac works as advertised. This success would have not been possible without my friends from Apfeltalk who broke news about the release first and accompanied it with further coverage on their Website and in Apfeltalk Late Night.

After this exciting week it is time now to continue to work on SonicWeb. First I will remove a few remaining glitches in SonicWeb for Mac. Then SonicWeb for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will become the main focus again. The goal is to have an update ready before iOS 7 is released. Besides support for iOS 7 it will get many of the features that were released in SonicWeb for Mac first, especially custom playlists.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy SonicWeb as much as I do. If you miss anything make sure to let me know!