Update: What's new in SonicWeb for Mac 1.4

This update brings a few small usability improvements and fixes a bunch of bugs. You can load it in the Mac App Store.

New Features are

  • USB and Firewire audio device can now be controlled directly within SonicWeb.
  • Internet radios, personal radios and playlists can now started and stopped with a double click directly in the library area.
  • The "Free Storage To Keep Setting" is now expressed as a megabytes and gigabytes value.
  • Detailed error messages are shown now when radios are turned on and streaming is not possible.
  • SonicWeb displays the audio format of radio stations in addition to the bitrate now.


  • Problems with the playback quality of some streams were fixed.
  • Feedback that contains quotes is correctly processed and send now.

Enjoy :-)