What's new in SonicWeb for Mac 1.3

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SonicWeb 1.3 tries to make getting started easier by introducing a quickstart dialog and predefined personal radios. Additionally a few remaining glitches and bugs have been removed.

New features

SonicWeb has a quickstart dialog now. It is displayed the first time SonicWeb is launched and shows a list of predefined personal radios. It allows you to start your first personal radio with just one click.

SonicWeb contains a selection of predefined personal radios now. Predefined personal radios can be browsed and started just as easy as a regular internet radio stations.

Unplayed and only partially played tracks are marked with a icon now. For tracks that have not been played a circle is shown. For tracks that have been partially played a half circle is shown. Tracks that have been manually trimmed will be displayed with a waveform icon. Track status icons are displayed in all track lists now.

The volume of the Airplay device can now be adjusted in the routing dialog.

Other Improvements:

  • Support for retina displays.
  • The routing button will be shown even if only bluetooth devices are available.
  • The folder where SonicWeb stores it's files can be changed.
  • SonicWeb will ask if tracks that are already in a playlist should really be added again as duplicates.
  • There is a new setting to increase the number of entries that are downloaded and shown at once in radio lists.


  • Removing the currently playing track switches playback to the next available track in the playlist now.
  • Feedback and Suggest Radio forms work with copy and paste now.
  • A few missing german translations were added.