What's new in SonicWeb for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch 1.8

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This is a big update. This post will describe the most important changes and new features only.

Redesigned for iOS 7

The look and feel has been changed to make SonicWeb a good iOS 7 citizen. Buttons, context menus, selection highlights have been changed. A flat icon and transparency were core design elements from the beginning. I hope you like the new design:

Predefined personal radio stations and new welcome screen

The goal was to make it easier to get started with what I think is the most powerful feature of SonicWeb: personal radio stations. The predefined personal stations can be browsed and started just as easy as regular internet radio stations now.

Custom playlists

Simply add tracks you like to custom playlists for later playback within SonicWeb. You can create as many playlists as you want. Even though track pinning is still available this is a much better solution for organizing and listening to tracks over and over again.

Improved playlist handling

Search in playlists, sort playlists by title, artist or radio station, rearrange tracks or select multiple tracks at once and add them to playlists, pin them or remove them from the playlist.

Sleep timer

This feature was on the wish list of many users. The sleep timer can be found in the menu of the now playing screen. The sleep time can be set between 15 minutes and one hour. During the last minute before playback will be stopped the volume will fade out slowly to not wake you up again :-)

Support for gestures on the now playing screen

If you swipe from right to left playback will continue with the next track. If you swipe from left to right playback will continue with the previous track. If you swipe from top to bottom with two fingers the currently playing track will be removed and playback will continue with the next track in the playlist.

New setting: Dynamic loudness adjustement

SonicWeb for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is now able, just like SonicWeb for Mac to dynamically normalize the loudness of tracks during playback. This makes it possible to listen to louder and more silent stations within one personal radio without the need to manually change the volume all the time. This feature can be enabled in the settings screen.

New setting: No duplicates in playlists

This feature has been request very often too. When this setting is enabled duplicates will not be added to the playlists of internet radio stations and personal radio stations. With this setting enabled playlists will be much more diversified.

New setting: Allow streaming in cellular networks

Make sure you have an unlimited flat-rate data plan when you enable this option. Also note that mobile internet connections may be too slow to stream multiple radio stations at once.

Enjoy :-) And as always, if you miss anything please let me know!