SonicWeb for Mac

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SonicWeb for Mac is an advanced multi-radio recording internet radio player. Listen to free internet radio stations, record them and automatically split the recorded streams into separate tracks. Create custom playlists or export tracks to iTunes and into files to enjoy them anywhere you like. Listen to always changing seamless mixes of songs created from the radio stations you love.

Discover new music

Select from more than two thousand free, hand selected, high quality internet radio stations. New radio stations are added to the station database on a regular basis. If you are missing a radio station please let me know and it will be added quickly.

Listen as you like, what you like, when you're ready

Listen live, with and without recording. Timeshift and pause internet radio. Skip tracks or listen to tracks as many times as you like. With several simultaneously active radio stations your playlists will fill quickly with many unheard tracks. This allows you to skip tracks you don't like, without any skip limit. Already heard tracks stay in the playlists and can be heared again and again. With SonicWeb you can control internet radio almost like the playlist or a regular media player.

Station Lists

Station lists record tracks from multiple radio stations simultaneously. A station list records as many internet radio stations at the same time as you like, only limited by your internet connection speed. SonicWeb splits the radio station streams into separate tracks and adds them to a common playlist that you can control just like a media player. You can define as many station lists as you like and switch between them, regular internet radio stations and custom playlists at any time.

Station Lists + Seamless playback: Your personal radio stations

Audio playback is gapless with tracks from different internet radios crossfading into each other. SonicWeb dynamically adjusts the volume of loud and silent tracks so that you don't have to. These features enable uniform and unbroken audio playback just like with a regular radio station. In combination with station lists SonicWeb will automatically create your own, personal radio stations. And it also makes SonicWeb party ready!

Export recordings to iTunes and into folders

The iTunes export allows you to listen to your recordings and to copy them to your iPad, iPhone and iPhone Touch using iTunes. With the export into folders you can listen to your recordings with any media player and build your own music library.

 SonicWeb combines the functionality of an internet radio player and recorder in a powerful, unique way. With SonicWeb you can listen to internet radio like never before.

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